Crowns and Bridges



Crowns are used to restore severe damage like fracture or decay. Crowns can help protect a tooth from future fracture, cover a discolored tooth, restore a fractured or cracked tooth, or can be used on top of an implant. We also recommend crowns for teeth that are weakened from the size of an existing filling. Once the tooth is cleaned and prepared, the crown fits over the whole tooth, improving the tooth’s shape, appearance, and alignment.


Porcelain Crowns

If teeth are considerably weak or heavily discolored, porcelain crowns can help restore, repair and protect the natural beauty of your teeth. Especially in areas of the mouth where your smile is most important, porcelain crowns provide a very natural appearance. With the latest technological advancements, porcelain materials have become much stronger and more durable than in the past.



Bridges can replace a missing tooth or minimize a gap between teeth, but can be an aggressive procedure. When making a bridge, we prepare the teeth on either side of the space and place multiple crowns in a row to provide the best aesthetic and functional solution. An implant may provide a more practical alternative to placing a bridge, but we encourage you to explore all options during your consultation at Two Lights Dental.