Dr. David's Bio

I grew up on New Hyde Park, NY.  Always knew I’d be in the healthcare field; when I was in the waiting room before having my wisdom teeth removed, it was like a light bulb went off and I realized that the dental field was a direction that I wanted to pursue. (Strange, I know.)  I took over the practice in 2012 and established it as Two Lights Dental. I thoroughly enjoy working with my entire staff and I love helping and treating my patients as though they were family. 

 Tea or Coffee?: Duchess’ First Love loose leaf tea by Tay Tea

Fav Tv Show: anything HGTV

Fav Movie: Fletch

Fav Eats: The Well at Jordan’s Farm

Do I Brush and Floss: I have to practice what I preach!

Fav local Biz: Handyman Rental – "I love doing projects on the weekends!"

Why Refer Two Lights Dental: Because we are very patient with people that have fear or phobias. Everyone is greeted and treated with a smile in a relaxed atmosphere.  We just genuinely care about each and every patient.

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