Jackie's Bio


I’m Jackie, I am one of the hygienists at Two Lights Dental. I started here in August of 2017 and look forward to many years to come! I have been a hygienist for 10 years, spending the majority of my time with one prior office. The absolute best part of this career is the relationships that you form with coworkers and patients. I like to think I bring fun and enthusiasm to every appointment, as well as a thorough knowledge for all things oral health. What I love most about Two Lights is the community which we serve! I am excited to meet everyone that comes through the door, and look forward to providing the best possible care that everyone deserves. I take oral health very seriously, but will go to any length necessary to keep patients comfortable while still providing the highest standard of care that Two Lights Dental is known for! I practice what I preach: brushing and flossing daily, even for my daughter, Victoria! I am continually educating myself on the latest techniques and theories, and am proud to be part of the great team here at Two Lights!